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The Complete Package

The Complete Package

We put your needs first. Take a look at the wide variety of planning and investments our advisors can assist you with. We welcome you to reach out to us with your specific needs and questions so that our advisors can put together a recommendation to help you achieve your goals. 

Have a tax question? Need help with tax preparation and filing? The Tax Team can help!

Have a tax question? Need help with tax preparation and filing? The Tax Team can help!

Did you know that using a certified tax preparer can help eliminate much of the tax season hassle and time it would take to do your taxes yourself? A certified tax preparer is required to keep up with tax law changes so you don't have to and helps guide you through the process to make sure you aren't missing any deductions or credits. Plus, it makes your life a lot easier to have someone filing your taxes for you.


Retirement Plan Specialists

Through Lincoln Investment, our advisors guide you in the many options available within your retirement plans. 

– 401K Plans
– 403(b) Plans
– 457 Plans 
– IRAs


Your employer determines the provisions of your plan, including investment options and optional plan features such as the ability to defer to a Roth plan or take a loan. We help you determine how much you wish to invest each pay period, how your contributions will be allocated among the available investment options, and later, how your assets will be distributed to meet your unique needs.


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Insurance Protection

Using insurance plans is a way to protect your loved ones, preserve your wealth and generate income. Our advisors guide you through the various plans available to you. Each client's needs are different and we walk you through all the options that will meet your particular situation.

– Variable Annuities
– Fixed Annuities
– Life Insurance

Reach out to us to evaluate your insurance coverage needs and if you have the right plan in place. 

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Family Investments

We help families plan for the various financial goals they have. Whether you have children in your family who need college savings or you are looking to determine the best way to invest your family's savings, our advisors can help.

– College Planning
– Wealth Management
– Income Generation
– And more... 

Talk with us about your family's needs.

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